PrR 6: Digital toolkit and replication methodology

PrR6 is directly linked with the need:

a. to support opportunities for personal, socio-educational and professional development of people, in the consortium and beyond.

b. to ensure that all users, including those with fewer opportunities, will have access to the innovative project outcomes

c. to offer digital tools for a swift recovery from implications of burnout but also from aggravating conditions due to Covid-19.

It is also a step towards the creation of a Model Strategy -by engaging Stakeholders - to further scale up the Project so as to result in Policy reforms.

PrR6 consists of:

I.               A Digital Toolkit including: a. Library of re-usable OER b. newly developed e-learning courses (webinars) c. Burnout FREE ECI Hub to communicate knowledge beyond the project and validating its results from users beyond the consortium.

II.            Replication methodology including:

a. Digital Replication Methodology Guide, Workshops & Train the trainers’ activities

b. Adaptation of the Universities’ curricula in hybrid format in order to educate future professionals PrR6 aims at the following target groups: management staff, parents with CwD, ECI professionals, educational staff, special education professionals, ECI experts, psychologists, researchers, professors, students, e-gaming developers, NGO’s staff, community representatives, policy advisors and funding organizations.

The innovation of PrR6 primarily lies in creating a comprehensive, user-friendly and easily accessible outcome by creating a digital ecosystem, ensuring the project sustainability and its transferability beyond the partner organizations. The replication methodology facilitates the transnational and international cooperation between organizations in the fields of disability.

Τhe Burnout Free ECI Hub creates a community of dialogue, cooperation and shared learning opportunities for parents and professionals, fostering multidisciplinary and cross sectional collaboration among organizations of the consortium and beyond, facilitating the transferability of best practices.

The impact of PrR6 is that it constitutes an ongoing feedback mechanism for improving the content of the guide and providing ongoing information on user needs in terms of training and knowledge sharing. Furthermore, it provides access to the innovative Burnout Free ECI methods, resulting in improved collaboration among Professionals and parents, fostering their wellbeing and resulting in ameliorating the quality of support provided to the CwD.

The expected impact is that it overcomes social and educational system’s barriers, related, among others, to family circumstances, individuals’ particular needs not taken into account and participation restrictions. It fosters key competences of the users from digital competences (familiarization with e-learning tools) to personal, social and learning to learn competences (manage conflict in an inclusive context, ability to reflect upon oneself, remain resilient and manage one’s own learning paths etc).

Furthermore, continuous and regular update of the content of ECI Hub will create a living E-document, as a point of reference and a vibrant Burnout Free ECI Community. In organizational level, it is expected to facilitate the creation of connected and dedicated teams in the Burnout Free ECI Community, promote the synergy of multiple stakeholders, foster empathetic interaction and help all parties involved stay positive through adversity during and beyond the course of the project.

It offers a communication channel among professionals and the administration of their organizations, contributing to better working conditions and relations, sustainable growth and social cohesion.

The fact that EASPD is part of the consortium ensures the access to numerous possibilities for the project partners to continue the cooperation, including looking for new funding and replication opportunities, with the ultimate goal of scaling up the results of the Burnout Free ECI Project.

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