PrR1: Report on Burnout: Literature Review & Survey on Needs Assessment

PrR1 consists of a Report on:

1. European & International Literature Review on Burnout issue affecting Professionals and Parents with children with disabilities (CwD) within the context of ECI Services.

 1.1. A critical Overview of the Literature/Screening inventory on Burnout regarding:

a. conceptual framework of burnout

b. conceptual framework of burnout on professionals and parents with CwD

c. mapping of causes and implications of burnout at national, European and international level

d. mapping of existing policies and practices which help prevent or recover from burnout at national, European and International level

e. practices at organizational level that foster professionals’ support and burnout prevention

 1.2. A critical Overview of the Literature/Screening inventory on ECI regarding:

a. ECI, its importance to the parents’ empowerment so that they can better support their CwD

b. the impact of professionals’ and parents’ cooperation on the quality of ECI services c. the correlation of professionals’ and parents’ wellbeing with the provision of high quality education and care to CwD

2. A Needs Assessment survey related to burnout per Partner Organization & respective assessment tools regarding:

A. Identification of ECI professionals’ needs

B. Identification of parents’ with CwD needs

C. Identification of increasing burnout risk parameters (work conditions, social policies) by the management of Partner Organizations.

The survey on Needs Assessment will give insight on the current situation in ECI Organizations. It will assess the specific needs, limitations and risks professionals working with CwD and parents with CwD face, deriving from their demanding roles and which may lead to burnout, affecting their well-being and the quality of support they provide to the CwD.

PrR1 aims primarily at the following target groups: parents with CwD and professionals in ECI services of the participating organizations, parents with CwD and professionals of other organizations, managerial personnel of NGOs, professors, students and graduates from Universities, policy advisors, decision makers, researchers, psychologists, mentors and professionals working in related support services or other fields.

The survey will be conducted in more countries and organizations beyond the consortium, enlarging the sample of the survey. The innovative character of this Report lies in illustrating, for the first time, the needs and challenges related to Burnout of both ECI Professionals and Parents with CwD, through cross-sectoral and cross-national literature review, offering a solid foundation of knowledge in the field.

The Needs Assessment survey will enable better understanding of the risk factors related to burnout among ECI professionals and parents with CwD, deriving from their roles and will facilitate the development of effective interventions to aid burnout prevention and remediation. The above needs and challenges are explored in a new field, the ECI Services.

The Report is meant to be of great importance and have essential impact on the following:

a. The key findings will provide feedback for developing the Training material (PrR2) b. It will offer valuable input for performing the Pilot and developing the Evaluation Report (PrR3).

c. The thorough and thoughtful methodology applied in PrR1 will ensure the direct involvement of the Professionals of ECI and Parents with CwD, as well as the partner organizations.

It will further enhance Partners’ knowledge on the specific needs and the burnout issue and therefore extend the efficacy and impact of the project activities. PrR1 will be in English. Questionnaires will be translated in Greek, Croatian, Portuguese, Romanian and Bulgarian ensuring that more people will reply to it. The Report will be uploaded to the Burnout Free ECI Hub. Thus, it will ensure the transferability of the results, as OER, to other stakeholders apart from the members of the consortium.

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