PrR 5: Certification Scheme

PrR5 will develop two certification schemes based on ISO standards in order to set a high level of validated quality:

I.                    Certification Scheme for the certification of Curriculum & Training Material

It will contain principles and requirements needed for the certification. The Curriculum & the Training Material will be developed and certified as per the criteria of this scheme. The certification scheme will provide a full picture of the certification process, assessment method and outcomes.

The certification Scheme includes:

-The application Process

-Assessment process for the Curriculum & the Training Material

-Certification Process and Validity

Through the certification all below parameters, assessing the content of the curriculum, will be reviewed to ensure the quality, validity and reliability of the Training Material and the Training program:

• Aim of the Training Program • Clear reference points for assessment • Target groups • Thematic Modules • Aims of each thematic Module • Learning outcomes in terms of knowledge, skills and competences requirements • Estimate hours of Training & studying • Prerequisites for participants • Training methodology and training techniques • Description of the assessment tool • Background reading/references

The main objectives of the certification scheme are:

1. All learning outcomes are developed to the appropriate EQF level 5, in accordance with ECVET

2. The Material is of the appropriate quality standard

3. The Material includes all the necessary knowledge to help the learner succeed in the exams.

        II. Certification Scheme for Persons

It will contain principles and requirements needed for the certification. The candidates will be assessed according to EQF Level 5 and ECVET. The certification scheme will be based on the Standard ISO 17024 (Conformity assessment - General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons). Its objective is to ensure that candidates have developed the required learning outcomes. This will be vouched through the use of a specialized assessment developed within the project.

This certification scheme includes: •certification scope •Knowledge description •required competence •Skills and abilities •prerequisites •code of conduct •certification documents

It also includes the following additional certification process: •criteria and assessment methods for initial certification and recertification •surveillance methods and criteria •criteria for suspending and withdrawing certification •criteria for changing the scope or level of certification (if applicable)

The target groups will be Professionals in ECI and other professional fields, Parents with CwD and Organizations’ staff.

The innovation of the Certification Scheme lies in the fact that the certifications will guarantee a high level of quality, a clear correlation to the EQF and ECVET and will provide people with internationally recognized qualifications (ISO 17024 Standard). The expected impact is that the assured quality of the Curriculum & Training Material will give learners a stronger motive to use the certified Burnout FREE ECI Training Material and to attend the Trainings in order to develop a specialized skillset, gain the qualification through certification and upgrade their credentials.

The certification of persons will not only provide learners with the necessary knowledge, skills and competences regarding burnout in connection with ECI services, but it will also enable professionals to broaden their professional horizons. The transferability is achieved since Certification Schemes will be available online in the Burnout FREE ECI Hub.

Furthermore, it is achieved since:

a. Correlation to EQF Level 5 and ECVET standards ensures commonly accepted validation of the processes and outcomes of the training in European level.

b. ISO standards ensure the appropriate level of quality of the curriculum & training material and persons certification in international level.

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