PrR1: Report on Burnout: Literature Review & Survey on Needs Assessment

PrR1 consists of a Report on Burnout including Literature Review and Needs Assessment Survey, identifying ECI professionals’ and parents’ needs while taking care and educating children with disabilities (CwD). The innovative character of this Report lies in illustrating, for the first time, the needs and challenges related to Burnout of both ECI Professionals and Parents with CwD, through cross-sectoral and cross-national literature review, offering a solid foundation of knowledge in the field. It will further enhance Partners’ knowledge on the specific needs and the burnout issue and therefore extend the efficacy and impact of the project activities.
 Literature Review & Survey on Needs Assessment

PrR2: Burnout Free ECI Training Material & Content for Professionals & Parents

Burnout Free ECI Training Material & Content for Professionals & Parents, leading to Burnout Free ECI Methodology, will cover the need of enriched knowledge on burnout prevention and treatment techniques and will address the specific needs of professionals and parents. It will propose mutually empowering practices to meet common requirements and challenges in ECI Services. The proposed solutions are innovative as they go beyond the best of what has been achieved so far in the field of burnout prevention/treatment, incorporating the suggestions of all those who face challenges and are at risk of burnout, while taking care and supporting the CwD.
Trainer’s manual           Training Material & Content for Professionals         Training Material & Content for Parents

PrR3: Methodology Guide and Report on the Burnout Free ECI Pilot

The Guidelines framework of mutually empowering Burnout Free practices will be tested during the Pilot phase and finalized into a Methodology Guide of Burnout Free ECI techniques. It will allow participants to reflect on the Burnout Free practices and methodologies in order to improve the quality of ECI services. The innovative character of PrR3 lies in the holistic, individually-centered approach and the innovative and mutually empowering techniques that will be applied, promoting active participation, collaborative peer learning and cooperation, in equal terms, among parents and professionals.

PrR4: E-learning Game

The E-Learning Game consists of a set of Free applications that will be developed to serve the training needs of professionals and parents, using evaluation tools, tests, access to materials, gamification framework, funnel analytics, feedback. It will include mood quizzes to detect the burnout symptoms, links to literature, a strategy game and an authoring tool to allow adaptations according to needs. Great Transferability will be achieved since the authoring tool allows development of further soft skills that can be presented in the same 3D app, changes to existing scenarios and enhancement of their content with links to more/new tools.

PrR 5: Certification Scheme

PrR5 will develop two certification schemes based on ISO standards in order to set a high level of validated quality: I. Certification Scheme for the certification of Curriculum & Training Material & II. Certification Scheme for Persons. The certifications will guarantee a high level of quality, a clear correlation to the EQF and ECVET and will provide people with internationally recognized qualifications (ISO 17024 Standard). Certification reinforces the quality of the training program, according to EQF and ECVET, encourages lifelong learning and professional development and enhances quality assurance in adult education.

PrR 6: Digital toolkit and replication methodology

Digital Toolkit and Replication Methodology will enable the development of a digital ecosystem, e-learning courses, hybrid learning opportunities, innovative approaches for addressing target groups, greater effectiveness of activities for the benefit of beneficiaries, ensuring the project sustainability and increasing its reach and impact beyond the consortium. Τhe Burnout Free ECI Hub creates a community of dialogue, cooperation and shared learning opportunities for parents and professionals, fostering multidisciplinary and cross sectional collaboration among organizations of the consortium and beyond.




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