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2nd Multiplier Event of the Burnout FREE ECI Project

2nd Multiplier Event of the Burnout FREE ECI Project

Tackling burnout with policies and practices: Burnout FREE project in Zagreb

On 5th May 2023, the second Multiplier Event of the Burnout FREE ECI Project took place in Croatia, organised by Mali Dom.

What is the Burnout FREE project?

Burnout FREE project aims to shed light on the risk of burnout faced by professionals and parents of children with disabilities. The project’s outcomes will be useful not only to prevent burnout, but also to share methodologies and practices to deal with this syndrome.

Burnout syndrome represents a serious threat for professionals and parents of children with disabilities, and it often leads to social isolation. To avoid this, Burnout FREE project aims to strengthen professionals’ and parents’ emotional and social skills, teaching them how to identify, avoid or recover from burnout.

Results and deliverables presented in Zagreb

Professionals from many countries working with persons with disabilities met to discuss the project results. The speakers provided an overview of existing policies and practices at national, European, and international levels, which could help families and professionals prevent or recover from burnout.

Moreover, the results of the project's survey assessing the specific needs of professionals working with children with disabilities, as well as parents of children with disabilities, in relation to burnout were presented. Finally, emphasis was given on the Burnout Free ECI Training Material & Content for Professionals and Parents, the Innovative Train the Trainers Burnout FREE Methodology, the collaborative approach for the creation of the training material content and the comprehensive training methodology that will allow replication of the Burnout FREE Methodology to any other related sector with respective challenges, as well as  on  practices and techniques that will be tested and tried during the pilot phase of the project.

All participants joined together in the pursuit of knowledge, gaining inspiration, and expressing interest in delivering the most effective project results.

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